Here, you can find our responses to parents’ most Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I register my child with De Fontein?

You can sign up your child by calling our school or completing the application form on our website. Click here for more information. Signing up for daycare can be done using this link.

How do I report my child’s absence due to illness?

If your child is ill and will be staying at home, we would like to be informed before 8.30 am. You can report your child’s absence through this form or call us. We automatically pass on the information to the day care centre. If you would like to change the day your child will be attending day care, please contact day care directly. Get well soon!

How do I register my child for childcare?

Your child can apply for after-school or pre-school care through this link. Changes can be passed on to your contact person at the day care centre.

How do I register my child for school lunch hour?

You can register your child for the lunch hours with an application form that can be picked up from the school reception desk. You can also fill out the digital form on this page.

How can I pass on a message to my child’s teacher?

If you have a short message, you can give your child a note. You can also drop in for a short chat with your child's teacher - this is best done in the morning before class or in the afternoon after school finishes. You can also send your child's teacher an email. Click here for the contact details of all our colleagues.

What is a child centre?

A child centre is a place where education and childcare meet and seamlessly connect. Thanks to our way of working, your child's educational development begins as soon as he or she starts attending SkippyPePijn day care. SkippyPePijn's subsequent pre-school and after-school care continues to mirror the development of your child in school. In this way, Kindcentrum Regenboog offers a safe and trusted environment, in which your child can continue to develop from the ages of 0 to 13.

Who can I approach with my question regarding payment of lunch hour fees?

Corinne van der Sman (annex) en Trudy Kool (main building) take care of lunch hour administration. Please direct your questions to them. This can be done by phone or by email: overblijf.deregenboog@octant.nl.

When are the school holidays and study days?

All school holidays and study days are listed in our annual planning, which can be found here.

When can I discuss school reports?

Report meeting dates are listed in our annual planning, which can be found here.

How do I make an appointment with the school Social Worker?

Our school social worker is Jennifer Hilgerson. You can reach her by email: j.hilgersom@pijnacker-nootdorp.nl.

How do I make an appointment with quality support staff?

Our internal Support Staff are Marjan Sonneveld (groups 4 to 8) and Monique van Duinen (groups 1 to 3). To schedule a meeting, you can call the school or make an appointment through email. Marjan can be reached on m.sonneveld@octant.nl. Monique’s email address is m.van.duinen@octant.nl.