More Together


Leader in me

We work with the 'The Leader in Me' model developed by Sean Covey. We stimulate children to be themselves and take control of their own lives. In doing so, we take each child’s unique talents as a starting point. With the toddlers, the foundation for this is developed in the pedagogical circle, in which they learn mutual respect.

Learning through discovery

Children’s’ restaurant

Many of the subjects from our educational program come together in the children's restaurant. Here, they can practice how to calculate amounts and work on social skills, for example. All groups cook for their parents at least once a year.

Durable togetherness

Continuous path

We offer a continuous path from childcare to primary education at the centre, for example through our toddler school entry program. Safety, security and mutual respect are preconditions for growth. Childcare, family, school and partners work together.

Kindcentrum Regenboog

Kindcentrum Regenboog (Rainbow Child Centre) offers integrated Christian Primary Schooling and Childcare for children aged 2 to 12 from Nootdorp and the surrounding area. This offering is fully customized. All children are allowed to develop their talents, knowledge and skills for the future.

Professionals and parents work closely together at the centre, offering tailor-made support to children as and when needed. Parents and children are given the opportunity to make their own choices regarding how they make use of these services. We ensure every child is ready for the future – which will be great! Apply for an interview today!

Erik (5) wants to become a pirate

A very nice pirate, though. For at our Octant school, Eric learns how to work together with others. He also learns to choose wisely, so he may opt for ophthalmology instead of a career in piracy.

Kindcentrum Regenboog is part of Octant

Octant operates eight Christian schools in nine locations. Octant schools are characterized by their endless striving towards growth. We focus on growth through quality improvement every day. Staff regularly attend school themselves: our own academy, at which teachers and staff receive training that helps them become even better at their tasks, is just one way in which we realise our ambitions. We improve quality by constantly adapting our teaching to today’s society. We place an emphasis on science and technology. Three core values provide the bedrock for all our efforts: 'Self-awareness', 'Learning through discovery' and 'Durable togetherness’.